Rouge Valley Privacy Breach Class Action

Spiteri and Ursulak LLP has commenced a proposed class action against the hospital Rouge Valley Health System and other defendants for breaches of patient privacy between 2009 and 2015. 

From approximately 2009 to 2015, three former employees of Rouge Valley inappropriately used hospital computers to collect the personal information of more than 14,000 new mothers who had just given birth and their families.

The three former employees were either employed or paid by companies who sold registered education saving plan (RESP) investments to use hospital computers to steal the personal information of patients.  This confidential information was then used by RESP salespeople to contact former patients of Rouge Valley in order to sell them RESP investments.

If you or a family member were a patient at Rouge Valley Health System between 2009 and 2015 and were notified of a breach of privacy relating to personal information, you or your family member may be entitled to compensation.

How to Become Involved

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