Walmart Canada Photocentre Privacy Breach Class Action 

Spiteri and Ursulak LLP is investigating a proposed class action against Wal-Mart Canada Corp. (“Walmart Canada”) and other defendants in respect of potential breaches of privacy involving Walmart Canada’s Photocentre website in 2015.

In July 2015, Walmart Canada notified customers of Walmart Canada’s Photocentre website of a potential breach of credit card data after its photocentre operated by a third party was potentially compromised. As many as 60,000 customers may be affected by the privacy breach. There have been reports of unauthorized credit card transactions and potential identity theft related to this data breach.

Individuals who have been impacted by the Walmart data breach may be entitled to compensation for the breach of their privacy, damages for identity theft and/or damages to their credit reputation, damages for the costs incurred to prevent identity theft, damages for the time spent changing their personal information, and/or compensation for out of pocket expenses. 

How to Become Involved

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