Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Administrative law involves non-judicial decision-makers, such as government officials, regulatory boards, professional disciplinary boards, commissions and administrative tribunals.  There are hundreds of administrative decision-making bodies in Canada.  A few examples include:

  • the Human Rights Commissions and tribunals, 
  • the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board,
  • the Canada Pension Tribunal,
  • the Municipal Board,
  • the Liquor Control Board of Ontario,
  • the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board,
  • the Landlord and Tenant Board,
  • the Military Police Complaints Commission,
  • the Veterans Review and Appeal Board,
  • the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and
  • the National Energy Board.

Our Experienced Litigators provide Skilled Representation before Administrative Bodies and at Judicial Reviews of Administrative Decisions.

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients before numerous boards and tribunals, at the federal, provincial and municipal level.  If you are facing an administrative law matter, our experienced litigators can provide you with solid legal advice, craft persuasive written submissions and provide skilled representation at oral hearings.

It is important to realize that a decision made by an administrative authority is not necessarily the final word.  Courts can consider these decisions in a process called “judicial review.”  A judicial review is different from an appeal in that the court does not generally focus on whether the decision-maker reached the right decision, but rather, whether the decision was reached in the right way.  If there is something wrong with the way the decision was made—for example, if the decision-maker acted outside of its legislative authority or the process appeared biased—the court can overturn the decision or direct the decision-maker to reconsider the matter.

If you have received a decision from an administrative authority that you feel is unfair, our experienced administrative law lawyers can review the decision, explore the options available to you, advise you on the best way to proceed and provide you with skilled representation.

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