Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Lawyers Dedicated to Debt Collection in Ottawa and Toronto

Debt recovery is one of Spiteri & Ursulak LLP’s main areas of practice.  We have a strong debt collection team that includes lawyers and several staff members, many of whom work solely in the area of debt collection. 

If you are owed a debt, Spiteri & Ursulak LLP has the resources, experience and specialized knowledge required to successfully recover what you are owed.

How Does the Debt Recovery Process Work? 

Spiteri & Ursulak LLP will begin the debt collection process by issuing a demand letter.  Oftentimes receiving a letter from a law firm is enough to motivate the debtor to respect his or her debt.

If the demand letter is not enough, the next step is to issue a court claim.  If the matter proceeds to a hearing, one of Spiteri & Ursulak LLP’s experienced paralegals or litigators will provide you with skilled representation at court. 

If the debt is for $25,000 or less, the action will proceed in Small Claims Court.  If it is for more than $25,000, the action will proceed in the Ontario Court of Justice. 

Once a judgment is obtained, if the debtor does not have the funds to repay, an alternative way will be found to ensure that you receive your money.  For example, the debtor’s wages could be garnisheed, meaning that a percentage of each of his or her pay cheques would go toward satisfying the debt.

Our Team Defends Against Debt Demands

Our experience as debt recovery lawyers places us in a ideal position to successfully defend clients against whom wrongful debt collection demands have been made.  We have an intimate understanding of the debt collection process and have considerable resources to put toward defending any claims made against you.

Toronto and Ottawa Debt Recovery Lawyers Available to Assist you to Collect Debts or Defend against Wrongful Debt Demands

If you are owed a debt or if someone is wrongfully claiming that you owe them a debt, please contact the experienced debt recovery lawyers at Spiteri & Ursulak LLP at 613-563-1010 or to find out how we can assist you.